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IMC part 2 – materials for 3/8/10

Posted in Integrated marketing communications by Jennifer McDowell on March 7, 2010

First, let’s review the promotional mix – communication tools that can be used in a coordinated effort to get a message in front of your target market.

Case Study – Nestle’s Alpo brand and the new Chop House in Gourmet Gravy product

In August 2009, Alpo launched the Tell It Like It Is Contest for dog owners who appreciate the ‘real dog’-ness of their pets.

“The contest, as well as the brand positioning, was born out of a survey conducted by Alpo that found only 2% of dog owners have ever taken their pooch to a dog spa, and only 1% have taken their dog for a professional massage,” according to a report by

This survey also found that “many dog owners treat their pets the old fashioned way: 79% said they give their dog treats, 73% give them belly rubs and 69% take them for walks.” No pampered pooches here.

Click through here for the full story.

Fallon developed the creative integrated marketing campaign that includes print, public relations, and a microsite. See the entire campaign here.

Case study questions –

  1. What is the message? (Hint: what’s the positioning for the Chop House product?)
  2. What are the brand touch points? (Hint: describe the targeted consumer’s experience as he/she “walks” through the purchase decision process)
  3. What magazines would you place the ads in? (Hint: see the media kit handouts)
  4. Where (in what Twin Cities’ neighborhoods) would you post the ‘Lost’ signs?

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  1. Lisa Pacatte said, on March 8, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Hello. I saw this come through via a Google alert that is set up for ALPO. My name is Lisa Pacatte and I’m a brand manager for ALPO and I manage our team’s communications. It’s very exciting to see our brand used as a case study for your students! I hope they enjoy this assignment.

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