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IMC part 2 – materials for 3/8/10

Posted in Integrated marketing communications by Jennifer McDowell on March 7, 2010

First, let’s review the promotional mix – communication tools that can be used in a coordinated effort to get a message in front of your target market.

Case Study – Nestle’s Alpo brand and the┬ánew Chop House in Gourmet Gravy product

In August 2009, Alpo launched the Tell It Like It Is Contest for dog owners who appreciate the ‘real dog’-ness of their pets.

“The contest, as well as the brand positioning, was born out of a survey conducted by Alpo that found only 2% of dog owners have ever taken their pooch to a dog spa, and only 1% have taken their dog for a professional massage,” according to a report by

This survey also found that “many dog owners treat their pets the old fashioned way: 79% said they give their dog treats, 73% give them belly rubs and 69% take them for walks.” No pampered pooches here.

Click through here for the full story.

Fallon developed the creative integrated marketing campaign that includes print, public relations, and a microsite. See the entire campaign here.

Case study questions –

  1. What is the message? (Hint: what’s the positioning for the Chop House product?)
  2. What are the brand touch points? (Hint: describe the targeted consumer’s experience as he/she “walks” through the purchase decision process)
  3. What magazines would you place the ads in? (Hint: see the media kit handouts)
  4. Where (in what Twin Cities’ neighborhoods) would you post the ‘Lost’ signs?