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Process for Creating a Perceptual Positioning Map

Posted in positioning the brand by Jennifer McDowell on February 16, 2010
  1. Select a market segment, and really understand their consumer behavior.
  2. Review the five-step purchase decision process. “Think” through this process from the perspective of your targeted market segment.
  3. Remember that in stage 2, consumers and buyers identify the brands, products, and companies that might satisfy their needs and wants.
  4. Remember that in stage 3, consumers and buyers compare and contrast the competitors identified during stage 2. Competitors are compared on the basis of two or three evaluation criteria. Figure out what those criteria are for your market segment.
  5. Draw the 2×2 table. Label the axes with the most important evaluation criteria.
  6. Plot, or map, the location of your brand, product or company. Do the same for your competitors.

Bob Marketer works for Pentair!

Posted in positioning the brand by Jennifer McDowell on February 12, 2010

On Monday, February 15th, we will cover several new topics, including the environmental scan and positioning.

We will use the new mind map below to demonstrate a process for scanning the business environment, identifying threats and opportunities, determining the positioning of a brand, and deciding whether the brand should be repositioned. This will set us up for a later discussion about marketing research.

The presentation for February 15th is attached here.