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Course Portfolio ( Requirements & Rubrics

Posted in Uncategorized by Jennifer McDowell on January 12, 2010

Attached are the requirements and rubrics for your digital course portfolio. Thanks for everyone’s input into their development!



Welcome, students!

Posted in Uncategorized by Jennifer McDowell on January 12, 2010

Welcome to the blog for AD2430 Fundamentals of Marketing & Advertising!

When you have questions about homework assignments, in-class activities, or any other aspect of this course, check this blog. I’m going to use it to exchange materials, share ideas, and distribute interesting tidbits of all kinds. It will be important to check this blog daily as content will be updated frequently.

A few important notes about this course –

My email address is I also have a Google email – – but I really prefer that you use the aii address.

I get around a hundred emails every day. I don’t have time to read them all, so I filter out everything that appears to be junk mail. This means your message is at risk of being ignored unless you follow these rules:

  1. In the subject line, write your First Name-Last Name, Course # & Name, Topic. Example: “Todd Jones, AD2430 Marketing, Requesting your contact information”
  2. Message content: Write full sentences. Use correct grammar and spelling. Be clear and concise. Include salutation and closing. Example: “Thank you, Teresa Smith”

I also prefer emails to phone calls.

AD2490 is a milestone course for ADV and DMG students only, and not for FRM students. This means ADV and DMG students must earn a final grade of C or better to pass this course.

The course syllabus is attached here.

This quarter promises to be fast-paced. Effective communication will be essential. Click through here to communication tools at, where you will find further links to practical advice.